From thoughtful and cute to downright hilarious, we have a big collection of greeting cards for every occasion. Take your pick!


Sometimes you may want to send your family and friends an extra dose of love! Choose from a variety of gift cards and attach it to your greeting.


Cheesy or goofy, heartfelt or romantic add your own photo or video, making your greeting that much more special!


Did you smile or laugh? Did you jump with tears of joy?
Reply with an instant video message saying ‘Thank You’ to your sender. Never forget to send a thank you card again.


We make sure your credit/debit card transactions are completely secure. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands.

How It Works

Pick Your Greeting

We’ve got a card for every occasion (and also those times when you don’t need a reason).
Browse through our fun-filled gallery and find your greeting card.

Attach A Gift Card (if you want)

No budget is too big or small. Select a gift card and add a value of your choice.

Make it Personal – Do it YOUR way.

Add your photo or video and you’re good to go!

Our Story

About The App

We get it. Life is busy. There’s work, kids, TAXES! It’s increasingly hard to keep in touch with the ones you care about. Bankable Celebrations is an app that shows you how simple it can be.

It’s magical how with a few clicks on your phone, you can create memories that last forever. Bankable Celebrations is all about those little gestures that can make a big difference. We offer a quick, easy and secure platform for you to truly express yourself with greetings, gift cards and personal messages.

At Bankable Celebrations, you can bank on us.

Our Philosophy

At Bankable Celebrations, we believe in spreading love and cheer.
We’re using technology to devise ingenious ways to bring people together, make new connections and celebrate every occasion.

Our Mission

Making lasting memories, one card at a time.

Where it All Began

It all began with the power of words.

“You make me proud.
Keep going!


This old greeting card kept somewhere in a box full of memories became a source of inspiration. A few years later, this wonderful message forms the foundation of Bankable Celebrations. We believe kind, loving words can go a long way.


Cynthia Lerch

Great collection! The app is quick and convenient. The perfect answer to all my gifting woes. Highly recommended.

Louise Rice

My little niece was overjoyed to see a supercool b’day message from her favorite aunt. Beautiful stuff!

Richard Smith

Fast, easy to use and very functional. Definitely using it for Christmas!